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Deauxma Video – Doing the hubby

Last updated: February 3rd, 2017
Welcome to Deauxma! Here you will have the chance to watch and enjoy this lovely babe and her sexy body of hers having lots of pleasurable time around here! This chick won’t refuse any chance to get her pussy pounded and you will have the chance to see her in diverse scenes! In our first video you are about to see as this amazing chick is going to visit her hubby at work and this guy is gonna have quite a nice surprise cause she had on only her white dress and some white panties under! And he will be for the very first time visited and  pleasured in his lunch break! Are you eager to see what this amazing babe has prepared for her beloved hubby in this beautiful day? In this case, all you gotta do is take a seat and watch as we are going to show to you every single dirty detail!

As the video starts you are about to see this hot babe only in her panties as she is going to be fucked between her tits by her naked husband! Then, this cutie is going to take that tool into her mouth to make it hard enough for that deep and intense penetration that is about to follow! Soon after that this chick is going to be in the doggy style position and this guy is gonna fuck that tight ass hole of hers! So guys, if you are interested in seeing this entire anal sex scene, just join our community and we will do the rest! Enjoy this entire hot scene and remember that we have got much more amazing content around! Don’t forget to have a look around here!

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Deauxma – Hardcore bedroom threesome video

Hi there dudes and welcome once again around here! We are so glad that you chose us today for a new and hot sex session with our hot babe! We have some more Deauxma videos that you might wanna watch and enjoy so we are going to show one more hot scene just for you today! In this following sex scene you are about to see how this horny MILF is gonna get herself quite a nice and quality time as she is going to be in a very hot threesome session! Everything started when this amazing babe got a visit from her blonde friend and from her husband! Things got pretty heated up and they had a very nice talk about having the chance to fuck them both in the very same time! How about taking a look at what happened over there, shall we?

As the video starts you are about to see as our beloved babe is sitting on the back and she is enjoying the moment as her lady friend is eating her pussy and she is also pleasing this guy by taking that hard and juicy cock deep into her mouth! Soon after that this guy is gonna fuck her between those extra large tits of hers while she is gonna hold them! Next thing we know these two ladies and in the 69 hot position in which they have access to each other’s pussy and they are licking them over and over again as this guy is already penetrating one of them in the doggy style position! If you are curious to see what is going to happen next, all you gotta do is take a seat and join us and we will do the rest! Enjoy this entire hot session guys!

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Hi there! We are back with some new Deauxma updates about this amazing babe! We also thought that you might wanna have a look at this fresh gallery that we have prepared for you today! This nasty chick was pretty eager to get some action and today she chose to get herself penetrated by some hard and black cocks! One was not enough for her, so she called one guy and asked him to invite two of his friends for a gangbang session! Are you eager to see what has she been doing? Have a comfy seat and view also this other amazing threesome in the men’s room!


It was the first day off from work after a very hard period for her and she thought she might enjoy this day just how she used to sometimes! So this guy came with his friends and now this busty MILF had to take care of their cocks! At first, she took turns in sliding them in and out of her eager mouth while one of them was taking care of her wet pussy! After getting each other pretty fired up it was penetration time! Let’s see how she handled all three of them!

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Right before getting her right pussy penetrated, this guy thought that it might be a good idea to wet that hole a little bit more and why not to prepare it for that deep penetration by fingering it! Cause soon after that she had to take care of two cocks while the third one was fucking that tight hole! If you are interested in seeing this entire scene and how all three of them are going to cum all over her extra large tits in the end, join us and we will give you full access around here! Also you can enter the site if you wanna see other hot ladies stroking big cocks and getting covered in cum!


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Deauxma – Double dildo fun in the bedroom

Hi there fellas! Are you eager to find out what’s new around here? We are here as always and we’ve got some new and refreshing Deauxma videos that you might wanna have a look at! As for today our busty MILF had scheduled a meeting with one of her business partners, she took a black short dress without anything under and headed to the place where they were about to meet! They had lunch together and after a while they headed to a bar where they had some drinks! Soon after that, it was time to invite her lady friend into a room, where they were about to explore each other! Our hottie knew what was about to happen and she had a surprise for her lady friend! From her purse she grabbed a double dildo that was about to please them both in the same time! How about taking a look at what happened over there?


You know how is it said! That nothing can cum between that sexual tension and you really have to do something about it! So that they also thought these two babes! As soon as they had a room where they could spend some intimate moments, these two babes started to take their clothes off and to rub each other’s soft skin! They started with those big tits and in the end this other hot chick started to tease this chick’s wet pussy with one part of the dildo! Soon after that she shoved it in and she thought it might be a good idea to enjoy herself too! So they both moved their bodies until both of them had the chance to climax! Check out the site if you wanna see other lesbian hotties getting nasty and reaching the climax! Join us if you are interested in seeing more hot stuff around here!


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Fooling around with naughty Vicky

Welcome around guys! Isn’t it time for you to watch and enjoy one of the most recent Deauxma lesbian scene with naughty babe over here? This cutie thought it might be a good idea to meet her old friend Vicky for a coffee at her place! They haven’t seen each other for a long time and it was time for a girl talk!  She never thought that things were about to get so heated up that they will end up playing with each other! As soon as they saw each other and talked to each other, after a little while they started to kiss and everything worked out just they way it was supposed to be! Soon after then these two ladies started to take each other’s clothes off and there was only one more step that they were about to do! How about seeing what are we talking about?


It was their first meeting in years, and our lady friend really missed her blondie buddy! They did not realize but they missed each other more than they even thought! As soon as they were alone, they thought they might do something interesting! After taking their clothes off, they started to kiss and to rub each other! They started from the upper part, from those big boobies of theirs and they got pretty heated up! Then, they took turns in massaging, squeezing and licking those extra large breasts! There was one more step that they were about to do and as this blondie laid on the floor, this other hot chick came and spread her legs wide open so that she could please her wet pussy orally! If you wanna see other sexy lesbian babes making out, check out the sapphic erotica site and have fun! If you are interested in seeing what happened on the floor, all that you gotta do is take a seat, join us and you will have access to it and also to much more amazing stuff!

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Deauxma – Naughty threesome in the men’s room

Hello there ladies and gents! We are back with some fresh and funky content! We have some new and interesting Deauxma videos that you might wanna have a look at! It features this stunning lady and her lady friend that went out in the club to get some fresh cock and they did in no time! How come? Well, who couldn’t have notices these two hot babes around there in those sexy outfits waiting to get some hard cock? Last night they were so lucky that they got a guy that was willing to take them both in the same time! So they didn’t wanted to wait any much longer! How about seeing what have they done in that men’s room right in the club, shall we?

deauxma-mens-room-threesomeWell, it was Friday night and these chicks wanted to get some action, so they did got themselves a nice guy that invited them both to a fucking session! Who would have refused a threesome sex session? For sure not them! Cause as soon as they have got the chance they went with this guy in the men’ room! There, Deuxma’s friend laid near the sinks with her legs spread wide open and this nasty chick started to lick her eager clit and to shove her fingers deep into her pussy! All that while this guy came from behind teased her pussy with his hard cock and soon after that he penetrated her as deep and intense as possible! All that he wanted was to fuck them both by taking turns, but also the ladies wanted to be in control and they never missed the chance to get on top! If you are interested in seeing more from where this came from just join us and we will do the rest! Check out the site if you wanna see other hotties getting nailed!


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Deauxma The naughty cowgirl

Hi there eager guys! Welcome around! We have been waiting for you to check on Deauxma! You missed her right? Well, she is as horny as always and also this fresh air must have made her more heated up as usual as this cutie is going to take her clothes off and maybe do something more than do out in the nature! Our hot lady has been visiting the ranch that she has bought a long time ago and she took her sexy cowgirl suit on! As soon as no one else was around except her, she thought she might take it off and enjoy herself! So, at first this gorgeous babe showed to us those extra large boobies while she was posing and soon after that, she wanted something more! How about seeing what is this sexy chick going to do, shall we?


It seems like it was time for a vacation and this amazing chick took a city break to her ranch! So, she packed her stuff and she did not forgot her sexy cowgirl outfit! After having a look around, she thought it might be a good idea to enjoy this hot weather and to hang around! Like gorgeous Kelsey Obsession, she loves getting naked outdoors, so soon after everyone left to their place, all that was left around was this sexy lady! And she started to touch herself, beginning with those extra large tits that she kept massaging and soon after that she started to play with her perky nipples! Well, you know that she couldn’t help playing with her tight pussy, so at first she started to rub it and in the end she wetted two fingered and shoved them deep into that tight and moist vagina! If you wanna see more, join us!

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Naughty locker room lesbians

Welcome around guys! We have been waiting for you! Are you willing to see more more hot and amazing Deauxma pics? You already know that this amazing busty babe cannot be stopped once she is heated up and today we found her pretty eager to do something more! As her lady friend was cumming with her at the gym, right before going to aerobics, they started to make out in the locker room! There was the place where all the magic happened! As these cuties started to kiss each other, while being naked! Cause when they saw each other’s hot body, they couldn’t help not touching each other! So while they were kissing, they also started to touch each other’s body! Are you curious to see what happened next? Take a seat and let’s watch it together! Also you can visit the site and see other beautiful lesbian chicks making out! Have fun while watching also lesbians in the woods!


As they was no one around and there was no one supposed to cum in the next half an hour they thought they might take advantage of the situation and this brunette chick was about to please orally her blonde buddy! So while this sexy MILF was lying on the bench this blonde babe puts her wet pussy on top of her mouth and now she started to lick it and make her hornier and hornier every minute! All that she had in mind was to please her lady friend so bad that she could have a noisy orgasm so they changed positions and now this sexy MILF was showing to us her pussy and her ass hole! If you are interested in seeing much more girl on girl action or any kind of hot scenes with this hot brunette babe, do not hesitate to join us and we will give you full access for you to watch and enjoy everything you desire!

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Deauxma – Fucking a horny fan

Hi there new guys! You’ve seen this extremely hot lady Deauxma and you’ve thought it might be a good idea to watch some of this kinky MILF videos, right? Isn’t she a sex bomb? Well, in this fresh scene you are about to watch and enjoy as this stunning lady will be fucking one of her fans! What do you do, when you the woman of your dreams walking by you in the street? This happened at some point when this sexy chick was walking on the street and this guy kept following her, so she thought she might do something about it! So she accepted his invitation to his place, never knowing that he was quite rich and they ended up having a sexual intercourse! There’s no shame in fucking a very hot pornstar, right? How about seeing how this guy handled this experienced female, shall we?


As this babe wasn’t in a rush and she was actually going to shop some stuff, she thought she might accept this dude’s invitation! So she did, and she ended up at his cozy place in the living room! After a glass of red wine, this babe started to take her clothes off and she showed him her big tits while this cutie was shoving her hands into his pants and pulled out that fat cock! Now she started to slide it in and out of her mouth and in the end she ended up penetrated by it! Well, they didn’t have enough time to choose the right place so this guy puts her on the living room table and he starts to fuck that wet pussy! If you wanna see this babe in another hot scenes around here, all you gotta do is take a seat and have a look around as we have much more amazing content just for you! Wanna see another busty milf getting her pussy fucked? If you do, enter the site and have fun!


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Horny for a big hard cock

Hey there fellas! Are you eager to get started once again? Did you have fun last night while watching this hot babe doing her job? We have some more amazing Deauxma pics for you to watch and enjoy if you are interested! As follows you are about to have a look at this amazing chick as she is going to please and get pleased with a stud that she has picked up on her way to the coffee shop! Well, nowadays, you don’t need to much to pick up some guy! All you need is a sexy body and they will cum right at you! This is what happened with this sexy chick, when this guy saw her huge boobies he thought he might fuck her! Let’s see what happened soon after that, shall we? Watch her also fucking the hubby!


As soon as they found a place where they could spend some intimate moments together, these two guys took their clothes off and now they were ready for something more! So this brunette chick kneeled down and took this guy’s fat cock deep into her mouth! Soon after that she took it out and she was rubbing it , while licking those nuts! At some point, this chick was pretty fired up and as she loved being in control of the situation she got on top of that hard cock and she wanted to enjoy every single inch that penetrated her moist vagina! All this, while this dude was enjoying this babe’s huge juggs as he kept massaging them and squeezing them all along! If you wanna see other busty ladies riding cocks check out the site! Also if you enjoyed this hot scene and you are willing to see more from where this came from, you are invited to join us and you will find what you wanted around here!


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